Pipe Thread Sealants

Pipe Thread Sealants, CYL-SEAL® Compressed Gas Pipe Thread Sealant

Abbey Products manufactures CYL-SEAL® pipe thread sealants. CYL-SEAL® compressed gas pipe thread sealant is the leak proof sealant for high pressure threaded pipe joints. CYL-SEAL® is a thick white liquid that seals compressed gas pipe or fittings threads to prevent leaks. Simply brush CYL-SEAL® onto pipe threads before assembly to help prevent leaks. CYL-SEAL® fills thread imperfections or gaps and then cures into a tough elastic solid.

The Need for Pipe Thread Sealants

Microscopic imperfections or abrasions in pipe or fitting threads can provide a slow escape for expensive or dangerous compressed gases. These same imperfections, especially abrasions or burrs, often tear or wrinkle thread-sealing tapes such as Teflon® tape. Further, compressed gas leaks can result from vibration, chemical action, or corrosion. Slow leaks from small defects or vibration can be dangerous, expensive, frustrating, time consuming, or lead to a reputation for poor quality and service.

Benefits of Using CYL-SEAL® Pipe Thread Sealant

  • Excellent lubricant, prevents galling and seizing
  • Resists acids, caustics, chlorine and brine
  • Effective on flawed pipe thread
  • Economical – one gallon makes approximately 2000 joints of 3/4 inch
  • Keeps joints tight even under vibration
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable

Instructions for use of CYL-SEAL® Pipe Thread Sealants

This specially engineered thixotropic material is perfect for brush application with no dripping or running. Use as follows:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Keep from freezing
  3. Clean threaded surfaces
  4. Brush CYL-SEAL® pipe thread sealant on the male threads of pipe or fitting
  5. Use just enough – no excess should run from threads during assembly
  6. Assemble

Applications for CYL-SEAL® Pipe Thread Sealants

CYL-SEAL® is popular for use in:
  • Vacuum systems
  • Valve threads
  • Natural gas
  • Compressed air lines
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Bottled welding gases
  • CO2, methyl chloride, propane, air, SO2, CL2, H2S, ammonia, and butane

Contact Abbey Products about using CYL-SEAL® with compressed oxygen or oxygen tanks.

Technical Properties of CYL-SEAL® Pipe Thread Sealants

CYL-SEAL® is a thixotropic liquid emulsion that cures into a tough elastic solid that withstands severe vibration. Its excellent lubrication properties prevent galling and seizing. CYL-SEAL® resists acids, caustics, chlorine, and brine.

View the CYL-SEAL® product data sheet or Contact Abbey Products for technical information.

Product CodeDescription
19001211 gallon / 4 per case
19001111 pint (16 oz) /12 per case (Dauber Top)
1900103Half pint (8 oz) /12 per case (Brush Top)


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