Concrete Repair

EPI-SEAL® Concrete Repair Epoxy Grout Material

Abbey Products is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade epoxy concrete repair products, offering EPI-SEAL® epoxy concrete repair material for concrete crack repair, airport runway repair, concrete floor repair, concrete driveway repair and many other uses. EPI-SEAL® is engineered for many military, industrial, commercial and airport applications. It is perfectly suited for concrete crack repair in airport runways and aircraft landing pads.

The Need for Concrete Repair Products

Concrete repair is needed after exposure to tough industrial conditions and extreme temperatures and moisture levels. Concrete defects resulting from harsh commercial and industrial conditions require strong, long lasting repairs to concrete floors, runways, concrete pads, drives and structures. Abbey Products’ EPI-SEAL® repairs these types of damaged concrete, including large holes or cracks.

Features and Benefits of EPI-SEAL® Concrete Repair Product

EPI-SEAL® concrete repair material is an epoxy aggregate paste system that repairs damaged concrete. This highly engineered system is extremely strong and can be jpg ned or trowled into damaged concrete. This thick paste-like material is particularly well suited for the repair of holes, cracks, and missing sections in damaged concrete. EPI-SEAL® is engineered for commercial, industrial, and critical military applications. EPI-SEAL® offers great concrete repair results without volatile organic solvents.

EPI-SEAL® Concrete Repair Product Applications

EPI-SEAL® is well suited for the following epoxy concrete repair uses:

  • Concrete airport runway repair or landing pad repair
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Concrete floor repair, such as warehouse floors
  • Concrete surface repair, such as parking lots
  • Concrete slab repair
  • Concrete driveway repair
  • Concrete step or stair repair

Available Size

EPI-SEAL® epoxy concrete repair material is available in one size, a 5 gallon pail. One 5 gallon pail can make up to 600 cubic inches of epoxy concrete repair material, about enough for a 1/8 inch application across 35 square feet.

Instructions for Use of EPI-SEAL® Concrete Repair Material

Instructions are included in the kit.

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